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Morganite, A Fashionable And Stylish New Gemstone

Morganite, A Fashionable And Stylish New Gemstone

Andrew Wilson Andrew Wilson
6 minute read

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All About Morganite – The Beautiful Pink Diamond Alternative

When we think of fine jewellery, we immediately think about diamonds. In recent years a new precious gemstone has started to make waves among jewellery buyers – morganite. It might seem like a strange name, lacking in romance and beauty. But morganite is beautiful with its pastel shades ranging from soft pink to purplish pink and orangy pink. From some angles, morganite can even have a coral blue hue!

In this article, we will look at morganite. We will look at where it comes from, what it is made of, and what to look out for when you buy a morganite ring. We will examine why morganite might be a good choice for your next piece of fine jewellery.

What Is Morganite?

Morganite is a gemstone in the beryl family of gemstones. Other gemstones in the beryl family are emerald and aquamarine. Pure beryl is colourless. The pink colour comes from the impurities in the crystal’s structure. Occasionally, morganite is referred to as ‘pink beryl’.

In the case of morganite, the impurity is manganese. The more manganese that is present, the deeper the colour will be. Morganite has an unusual feature in that the colour can appear quite different when viewed from some angles. Morganite can have a bluish hue in various shades ranging to coral blue. When used in jewellery, the artisans who cut and polish the gemstone align the facets so that the colour will display the characteristic pinkish hue when looking down on the stone.

Emeralds derive their green colour from chromium or, in rare cases, vanadium. Aquamarine’s colour comes from traces of iron trapped within the crystalline structure.

Most morganite is heat-treated to enhance the pink colour. The treatment is permanent. Think of heat treatment as a normal part of the process of creating morganite jewellery.

How Did Morganite Get Its Name?

Morganite was first discovered in 1910 in Madagascar. Examples of this new gemstone had been seen before but had been misidentified as a different gemstone. The name was given in honour of the financier J. P. Morgan, a keen collector of natural gemstones and a generous benefactor of the arts and sciences.

Halo Morganite 0.77ct and Diamond 0.28ct Ring in 9k Rose Gold

Halo Morganite 0.77ct and Diamond 0.28ct Ring in 9k Rose Gold

£487.00 £827.00

This beautiful morganite and diamond ring is set with a beautiful brown morganite gemstone weighing 0.77 carat. The centre stone is a brilliant round cut to catch the light. 0.28 carats of brilliant round diamonds weighing have been set in… read more

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Where Does Morganite Come From?

The first morganite gems were found in Madagascar. Today, most morganite is mined elsewhere. Madagascar has a reputation for producing the highest quality morganite. Still, today, most production comes from other parts of the world. The most significant producers are mines in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Other mines in Afghanistan, Namibia, Mozambique, the USA and elsewhere produce smaller amounts.

Why Did Morganite Become So Popular?

The popularity of morganite is not easy to explain with a single reason. Although morganite reached the jewellery market in the early 20th century, it was not heavily marketed in the jewellery trade and buyers. From late 2011, the number of searches on Google increased. The interest in morganite has continued to rise every year since then. Today, this lovely pink gemstone has become the third most popular non-diamond gemstone in engagement rings after moissanite and sapphire. We expect it to become just as popular in Britain.

Why has morganite taken off in popularity?

1)      Morganite is low-priced compared to diamond. The gemstones are very high quality, with very few inclusions or fractures. This high quality makes possible very large and impressive rings at a low cost.

2)      Morganite is very hard, with a Mohs hardness of 7. 5 to 9. 0; only diamond, ruby, sapphire and topaz are harder. Along with the lack of inclusions, this makes morganite very durable and an easy choice in jewellery worn daily, such as engagement rings.

3)      The pastel pink colour of morganite fits very well with current jewellery trends.

4)      As rose gold has increased in popularity, there has been a demand for gemstones that complement this beautiful gold colour. According to many experts and designers, morganite looks its best with rose gold.

Halo Oval Morganite 4.26ct and Diamond 0.49ct Ring in 9k Rose Gold

Halo Oval Morganite 4.26ct and Diamond 0.49ct Ring in 9k Rose Gold

£1,447.00 £2,557.00

Morganite is becoming a very popular gemstone with its attention-grabbing brilliance and colour. She will love to wear this morganite and diamond ring! The morganite's unusual yet brilliant colour contrasts with the diamond halo that extends down the sides of… read more

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Is Morganite A Good Choice For Engagement Rings?

If you are willing to consider a gemstone other than a diamond, then morganite is an excellent choice. This gemstone can be cut and faceted just like diamonds. The appearance is brilliant, with plenty of sparkle. The low cost and high quality enable buyers to choose large and impressive rings of high quality at a relatively low price. When people see a morganite engagement ring, nobody will suspect you saved money by choosing this gemstone!

The only drawback we can see is that many people expect a diamond ring. Often this is not from the couple choosing the ring, but family and friends! If you can get past the possibility of the expectation of other people (and you should! ), then morganite could be a great choice!

We will design jewellery to your specifications at a very competitive price! If you want something extraordinary, contact us. We will work with you to create a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery.

Is Morganite A Good Choice For You?

Only you can decide if morganite is the right choice for your jewellery! But, on a practical level, we think the choice is easy. The price is right. The quality of morganite gems is right. The cost of morganite can be as little as one-tenth of the cost of a similarly sized and quality diamond.

If you love the look of morganite, we say, yes, morganite should be a good choice for you whether you choose an engagement ring, a gift for someone special, or a treat for yourself!

Morganite Rings At All Diamond

We are happy to introduce morganite and diamond rings to our clients! Our morganite rings are made with natural morganite and diamonds. All our precious metals have a British hallmark. Every morganite ring is designed and handcrafted in the UK. We offer our jewellery at spectacular prices.

We can customise or create a unique ring to your specifications and budget if you wish. Our customised designs give you a unique piece of jewellery that nobody else will ever own. Contact us through the chat system on every page of our website to learn more about our custom jewellery design and manufacturing process.

Please check out our collection of morganite rings by clicking on the link right HERE.

Three Stone Morganite 1.48ct & Diamond 0.31ct Ring in 9k Rose Gold

Three Stone Morganite 1.48ct & Diamond 0.31ct Ring in 9k Rose Gold

£787.00 £1,377.00

This lovely ring looks almost impossibly elegant! This is a ring that will attract envious looks whenever it is worn! Our designers have chosen 9k rose gold to complement the 1.48 carat, emerald-cut Morganite. To set the centre stone off… read more

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