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Eternal Echoes: The Resonance of Superdeep Diamonds in Timeless Jewellery

Eternal Echoes: The Resonance of Superdeep Diamonds in Timeless Jewellery

Andrew Wilson Andrew Wilson
5 minute read

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Superdeep diamonds, formed between 300 and 700 kilometres beneath the Earth's surface, are remarkable geological entities that offer a glimpse into the bygone eras of our planet. Their formation, dating back hundreds of millions of years, encapsulates a narrative of the Earth's crust being torn asunder and reassembled, echoing the ceaseless cycle of change.

In the realm of jewellery, diamonds are revered for their physical endurance and brilliance and the symbolism of eternity they carry. The inception and journey of superdeep diamonds from the depths of the Earth to the surface resonate with the concept of eternity, amplifying the intrinsic symbolism of diamond jewellery. 


Delving Deep: The Genesis of Superdeep Diamonds

The formation of superdeep diamonds is a tale of geological marvels. Birthed in the unfathomable depths between 300 and 700 kilometres below Earth's crust, these diamonds result from large-scale convection of the planet's mantle, intricately tied to the supercontinent cycle​​.

As Earth's landmasses were repeatedly torn apart and rejoined, superdeep diamonds formed, encapsulating within each diamond, minute remnants of mantle rocks from ancient supercontinents like Gondwana help scientists to unwrap the secrets of a previously hidden past.

Superdeep diamonds' narrative is a profound peek into Earth's ancient tales. This narrative links the past to the present through a journey transcending aeons, much like the enduring symbol of eternity they represent in timeless adornments.


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15 Stone Half Eternity Ring 0.20ct G/SI Diamonds in 18k White Gold

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Not Only Deep But Also Large and Clear!

Superdeep diamonds, like the notable 3,106-carat Cullinan, are large and exhibit exceptional colour and clarity, often qualifying as type IIa, indicating high purity. According to the GIA, these diamonds have a much higher proportion of D colour grade examples than those formed closer to the Earth's surface. They are usually type IIa diamonds. Type IIa diamonds have immeasurable amounts of nitrogen or boron, which leads to their lack of colour, making them the most sought-after type.

Superdeep diamonds contain unique inclusions from below the continental mantle, originating 360-750 km deep, with rare silicate and iron-rich metallic inclusions encased in methane and hydrogen fluid. These inclusions suggest that these diamonds formed in small areas of oxygen-poor metallic liquid in the deep mantle. These areas show a unique metallic iron presence compared to the deeper, more oxidized mantle regions. 

Superdeep diamonds even look different, at least before they are cut! Even when rough, most diamonds tend to have a well-defined crystal structure. Superdeep diamonds have irregular shapes and often look like fragments of a larger diamond.

One recent discovery about these diamonds is that their structure is similar to that of lab-grown diamonds. We usually say that lab-grown and mined diamonds are almost identical, and that's true. However, there are slight differences. We are now finding that superdeep diamonds, probably due to how they were formed, are very close to the same as lab diamonds.


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11 Stone Half Eternity Ring 1.00ct G/SI Diamonds in 18k Rose Gold

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Diamonds: The Quintessence of Eternity

Diamonds have long been revered as a symbol of eternity due to their indestructibility and enduring beauty. Their historical significance transcends cultures, embodying everlasting love and unbreakable bonds.

Superdeep diamonds amplify this symbolism with their ancient origins and journey through geological epochs. Their formation amidst the ebb and flow of tectonic movements, mirroring the perpetual cycle of change, resonates with the eternal.

The antiquity encapsulated in superdeep diamonds enriches the narrative, making them a symbol of timeless bond and a touchstone connecting the present to the ancient, the transient to the eternal.

Eternal Imagery: The Whimsical Bridge between Superdeep Diamonds and Everyday Sparkles

Superdeep diamonds certainly accentuate the symbolism of age and eternity, weaving a narrative that transcends time. However, their relevance may dwindle when it comes to everyday diamond purchases, especially considering the typical carat range.

The allure of superdeep diamonds lies in the imagery they evoke, nudging us to marvel at Earth's ancient sagas and the boundless continuum of time. While a superdeep diamond's tale may not nestle within the facets of our quaint jewellery, its narrative enriches our perception, rendering the diamonds we don an emblem of both personal and primordial tales.

The Eternal Embrace: Superdeep Diamonds in Jewellery

Incorporating superdeep diamonds in jewellery is akin to crafting a blend of antiquity and eternity. The ancient tales encased in these diamonds lend a profound depth to their allure, making them the epitome of timeless elegance.

Jewellery designers leveraging superdeep diamonds are not merely crafting a piece of adornment. Still, they are weaving the ageless narrative of Earth's legacy. Notably, eternity rings adorned with superdeep diamonds embody a promise of everlasting love.

In contrast, other timeless jewellery pieces with these diamonds resonate with the ceaseless rhythm of nature, presenting a remarkable fusion of geological marvel and symbolic eternity.

Discover more about the journey of a diamond from mine to the jewellery that we love here.

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28 Stone Full Eternity Ring 1.00ct G/SI Diamonds In 18k White Gold

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Legacy Encrusted: A Glimpse Beyond the Shimmer

Delving into the narratives encased in superdeep diamonds, we transcend the mere allure of their shimmer, venturing into a realm where geological marvels intertwine with symbolic eternity. The journey of these diamonds, from Earth's profound depths to the gleam of timeless adornments, resonates with the endless cycle of existence.

As you adorn the transcendental beauty of superdeep diamonds, you don a legacy etched across ages.

Explore the exquisite collection of diamond jewellery at After Diamonds, where each piece, handcrafted in the United Kingdom, embodies a promise of enduring elegance and impeccable workmanship, guaranteeing a legacy you can cherish forever.

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