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How Eye Clean Diamonds Can Save You Lots Of Money!

How Eye Clean Diamonds Can Save You Lots Of Money!

Andrew Wilson Andrew Wilson
7 minute read

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What Are Eye Clean Diamonds? Read On To Find Hidden Jewellery Bargains

Even if you have bought diamond jewellery in the past, you might not have come across the term 'eye-clean'. However, you probably have heard of the 4Cs of diamond quality (Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight). Jewellers and many experts will often tell you to buy the 'best' diamond you can afford. We don't quite agree with that idea.

Buying the best is great if money is no object but for most of us, whatever we buy has to be paid for on a limited budget, so we understand that compromises need to be made.

This article will tell you what 'eye clean diamonds are and why they are one of the jeweller's best-kept secrets. When you know about eye-clean diamonds, you will be in a great position to snag a real diamond jewellery bargain.

As you might imagine from the words eye-clean, this is related to the Clarity grading of a diamond so, let us get started by covering the topic of diamond clarity and then build from that foundation.

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What Is Diamond Clarity

The clarity of a diamond is one of the classic 4Cs of diamond quality. Diamond clarity is one of the aspects measured and graded on the GIA diamond grading certificates provided with most of our diamond jewellery. As an aside, you should always expect to receive a diamond grading certificate with any good quality diamond jewellery. The GIA certification is the highest quality, most honest and most consistent, so we at AllDiamond use their certificates.

A diamond's clarity is assessed on a scale that runs from F (flawless) through to I3 (inclusions 3). A flawless diamond is just that; it has no cracks, no clouding, no dark impurities – not even under high magnification. These diamonds are very rare and expensive to buy. An I3 diamond will have visible flaws, even to the naked eye. Many reputable jewellers, including, will not sell these low-quality diamonds, even though they are pretty cheap to buy.

Although the clarity grade of a diamond has a significant impact on its price, most people outside the jewellery profession find it hard to spot imperfections inside a diamond. In most cases, it is the colour that people notice first. That is where the concept of eye clean comes from!

What Does Eye-Clean Mean?

In simple terms, eye clean diamonds do not show any internal flaws or imperfections to the naked eye. To the naked eye, an eye-clean diamond will be indistinguishable from the most expensive I graded diamond. Of course, a diamond expert using 10x magnification would expect to see the flaws, but in everyday life, no matter what the clarity grade on the certificate, the diamond will look perfect.

At AllDiamond, our jewellers work to a simple standard to assess whether a diamond in a piece of jewellery is eye-clean. The diamond should not have visible flaws when viewed with the naked eye from 15-30 cm under bright fluorescent or incandescent light.

I have written that there is no need to pay for something that nobody can see in other articles. That was how this article came to be written. If you cannot see any imperfections, there is no need to pay a single penny more for a 'better' diamond grade!

Buying eye clean diamonds can save you a significant amount of money. For example, the most commonly sold clarity grade of diamond is VS (Very Slight inclusion). These sell for anywhere from 10-20% more than an eye clean SI (Slight Inclusion) clarity grade of diamond. The higher the clarity grade, the greater the cost difference. We do not recommend buying a piece of diamond jewellery that is not eye clean, so most of our diamond jewellery is SI or better. We are proud to say that the diamonds in every piece of jewellery we sell are eye-clean!

Are Eye-Clean Diamonds More Expensive or Cheap?

Whether a diamond is eye clean or not is not a matter of the diamond's grading. Of course, we can be sure that an I or IF graded diamond will be eye-clean, but as the grade lowers, the chances of a diamond being eye clean reduce. So, it is not easy to make a direct comparison between an eye-clean diamond and a higher-grade gemstone. Some VS diamonds might not be eye-clean, but a cheaper SI diamond might be. Of course, not all SI diamonds will be eye clean, but that's where our jeweller's and diamond buyer's skills come in!

A diamond might appear to be eye clean in one type of setting but not in another. That's because of how the setting can be used to reduce the appearance of any flaws and how the light plays through different settings. The skill of the jewellery craftsman optimises each diamond's appearance by the way he mounts the stone into its setting.

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We have found that the SI clarity grade is the sweet spot, which is why so many of our prices have a G/SI grading where G is the colour and, again, the sweet spot for colour at which non-experts usually cannot detect that the stone is not pure white.

By choosing one of our ey -clean diamond pieces with a G/SI diamond grading, you will be saving a significant amount of money. We'd suggest using the saving to optimise the rest of the ring, perhaps by moving to platinum instead of white gold, or more noticeably, by choosing a larger diamond, making a more significant visual impression without compromising the visual quality of the ring, necklace or other items.

Are Diamond Inclusions Bad?

This is a very reasonable question, and if you have read this far, you have probably had this thought rise as you read!

In an ideal world, everything would be perfect, but the world is not an ideal place. The way that we look at imperfections, flaws or inclusions is this: It is the flaws that make a natural thing unique. If not for the flaws, everything natural would be the same! Think of any inclusions as being like the fingerprint of your diamond – it is what makes your diamond unique.

However, if a thing is too imperfect, it can never be pleasing to look at or own. That is why we do not recommend buying diamonds with visible flaws. Worse yet, a badly flawed diamond with large or multiple inclusions can even crack, chip, and break because large inclusions can reduce the diamond's structural integrity.

Again, no matter what the price, do not buy diamond jewellery with a low clarity grade. It will always be an unsatisfactory purchase.

Does An Eye Clean Diamond Need A Certification?

This is another reasonable question to ask, and again, I'd be surprised if the thought had not gone through your mind by now! In this case, there is a simple answer: Always buy diamond jewellery with a diamond certificate. Even if it is not a GIA certificate. Your diamond certificate is the only way that you, as a consumer, can know that what you bought is what you were told it was. Without a certificate, the 'diamond' might, at the worst, be fake, less ominously, it might be smaller than you were told, less well cut, of a poor colour, cut or even clarity. Your (hopefully) GIA diamond grading certificate is your guarantee of quality, just as the hallmark on the precious metal of your jewellery assures you of the quality of the metal used. Please check out our articles about diamond grading certificates and hallmarking – lots of useful info there!

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AllDiamond And Eye-Clean Jewellery

All our jewellery is crafted with eye clean diamonds, and you benefit from the prices. Look out for our G/SI graded diamond jewellery; it truly is the sweet spot for quality and value. We support our offers with a lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship. We've got you covered on all fronts.

Please take a look at our British designed and hand-crafted jewellery collections. We think that you will find inspiration for your next jewellery purchase, whether it is a gift to a loved one or yourself.

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