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Make Valentine’s Day Special With a Jewellery Gift

Make Valentine’s Day Special With a Jewellery Gift

Irina Collier Irina Collier
6 minute read

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How You Can Win The Award For Best Valentine Of The Year!

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love and your loved ones. In the most part, this day of hearts involves giving and getting valentines from people who love you or like you. For couples, this day means celebrating love. 

Many people like to give gifts on Valentine’s Day. The problem with gift-giving is deciding what to give. Some people want to consult lists of top ten Valentine’s gifts to give your loved ones, some ask their friends opinions. Your friends at All Diamond have got you covered, and these are our opinions!

Any top ten Valentine’s gift list would include chocolates and flowers. These two gifts are traditional gifts that can be considered generic gifts to give on Valentines Day for some. These are a pretty safe choice, but you’re not going to win ‘Lover of the Year’ with a box of chocolates, even if they are from Alain Ducasse or Harvey Nichols! 

As for flowers, they should accompany the gift, they aren’t the real gift. 

No, you’re reading this article because you know better than that and you have concrete plans in the worldwide awards for lovers! As the serious Valentines gift giver to your loved one, you know that jewellery is going to be the winner. Jewellery is a reminder, every time she wears it, of the time it was given. Try that box of chocolates – gone in an evening, or less, and forgotten after the weight losing spin class!

Let’s be realistic. You're not about to buy jewellery for somebody you hardly know. This is gift-giving for serious relationships. This is a gift to make a mark, build memories, and show how important she is to you!

So, about the jewellery thing! Where are you in the relationship? Serious, yes, of course, but exactly how serious? You don’t want to send the wrong message or embarrass her. That means no rings in boxes unless you are ready for the whole down on bended knee thing!

Valentine's Day

If your timing is off there, you could just make her mad if she’s got engagement on her mind and you haven't. So, unless it is precisely the right time, skip the rings! 

Here are our ideas for you offered as your friends in the jewellery business and with years of gift-giving experience.

Necklaces Are Nice

You won’t go far wrong with a necklace! They are a lovely gift, they don’t scream ‘let’s get married!’. A necklace is less significant than a ring, and they come in a vast range of sizes and prices.

If you are looking for something truly memorable, perhaps you have been married for a few years, and she’s overdue for a special Valentine’s gift then a diamond solitaire necklace might be a perfect match.Valentine's Day

A more casual but memorable gift might be a pendant with a birthstone or a charm that’s significant to the both of you.

1.67ct Ruby & 0.43ct Diamond Heart Shaped Necklace in 18k Rose Gold

1.67ct Ruby & 0.43ct Diamond Heart Shaped Necklace in 18k Rose Gold

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Ethically sourced, bright G/SI quality diamonds and rich, scarlet rubies are combined in perfect harmony to form the central pendant that displays a heart shape's timeless romance. The gems are inlaid on warm 18k rose gold that also brings its… read more

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A Charming Gift

A Valentine jewellery gift that serves several purposes is a charm bracelet. This will get you ‘best lover’ awards year after year because you can add to it every Valentine's Day for as long as there is room on the bracelet. When you give a charm bracelet, you are making an unspoken commitment to the future because it will be you who fills it up with new charms! Another implicit, benefit is that once you’ve bought a charm bracelet, your gift-giving decisions and insecurities are removed. Need a gift idea – ‘here’s another charm for your bracelet, my darling'.

Charm bracelets are so much loved by women; such a long-term symbol is often passed down from mothers to daughters and granddaughters. A gift like this can last not only for a few years but for generations – what other Valentine's Day gift can be so significant and last so long?

It’s All About The Heart!

She’s romantic, yes? If so, go for almost anything that incorporates a heart theme. No, not that old kid's game Operation, something made of precious metal and gemstones. That’s the kind of hearts we mean! 

Valentine's Day

When it comes to jewellery and hearts, there are plenty of options. A necklace with a heart-shaped pendant, heart-shaped earrings, a heart-themed bracelet there’s lots of options! Whether her tastes run to vintage Victorian styles to more modern styles, a heart motif always sends an unambiguous message to the recipient.

But The Price – The Money!

Yes, you’re right, Valentine's Day jewellery costs money. Lovely jewellery doesn’t pop out of Christmas crackers, but quality doesn’t have to cost the earth! 

Check out our collections of Valentine-themed jewellery. If you are serious about that Lover of the Year award, then you’re bound to see lovely pieces of jewellery that will please both your darling and your bank manager. Here’s what we at All Diamond have lined up for you: from a pendant in white gold with a heart pendant in natural diamond from less than £160 to a 4.30ct diamond pendant in 18k gold for almost £5000. We have something for everybody, every pocket and every level of commitment. And yes, if your relationship is ready for a ring, we have you covered there as well!Valentine's Day

With all that we have prepared for you, you can think about value and emotion as well as the price.

If you are ready to shop, then all that remains is to look over our Valentine's jewellery collection, see what suits you and your special person! 

One final tip from us to you: no matter what you choose, if that Lover of the Year award is to be yours, don’t forget the flowers as well as the jewellery gift that you pick out for her. A lovely bouquet of fresh flowers will make the Day perfect for her and for you. 

Because you are telling somebody of the love you feel for them, it seems a good idea to celebrate your love, your affection, with a gift that lasts a lifetime or beyond.


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