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Diamond Engagement Rings - Your Questions Answered

Diamond Engagement Rings - Your Questions Answered

Carol Woolley Carol Woolley
11 minute read

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Everyone wants the perfect diamond engagement rings, but it can be hard to know where to start. Many people think that diamonds are too expensive and out of reach, but that doesn't have to be the case.

Whether you're looking for a simple solitaire or something more ornate, there are plenty of options available at any budget.

We'll help guide you through all your questions about diamond engagement rings so that you can find the perfect one for your partner without breaking the bank!

How Much Is A Real Diamond?

The cost of a real diamond can vary drastically, depending on characteristics like clarity, colour, cut, carat, and shape. Diamonds are popular for engagement rings due to their durability and sparkle. Still, there are also many alternative options that offer unique beauty without the ethical sourcing issues associated with diamonds.

A woman examining a diamond engagement ring

It's important to consider diamond grading standards when selecting a diamond for an engagement ring. With these standards in mind, consumers can be confident they're getting what they pay for. Couples who want to make sure their ring is ethically sourced should look into alternatives such as lab-grown diamonds or gemstones. These are available in a variety of cuts and colours.

The price of an engagement ring will depend on the quality and size of the stone chosen. Higher carats often come at a premium, but there are ways to bring down the cost without compromising on appearance. Asking around family and friends or researching online may help uncover great deals on stunning rings that won't break the bank.

To ensure your diamond is up to standard, it's best to go through reputable jewellers who have certified diamonds with transparent pricing policies.

But the question of how much does a diamond cost is a difficult one to answer because it depends on the quality and size of the diamond used.

Certified Halo Diamond Engagement Ring with 0.45ct G/SI in 18k White Gold

Certified Halo Diamond Engagement Ring with 0.45ct G/SI in 18k White Gold

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Is A Diamond Ring Expensive?

questions about diamond engagement rings - is a diamond ring expensive

Whether or not a diamond ring is expensive really depends on you and your partner's circumstances and preferences.

It can be difficult to compare the cost of an engagement ring with other expenses, as the sentimentality of an engagement ring  often outweighs its actual price tag.

With alternative options like lab-grown diamonds or non-diamond rings, couples can find something that suits their budget without compromising on sentiment.

Choosing the perfect design for your partner can also add to the cost, with designer brands and customisations available depending on personal preference.

When it comes to finding a diamond ring that fits into your budget, consider these points: Cost comparison, Alternative options, Choosing the perfect design - all of which will bring you one step closer to making a decision about buying an engagement ring.

With love and commitment taking centre stage over price, couples should focus more on choosing an item that symbolises their unique journey together than worrying whether it's too expensive or not.

Is A 1 Carat Diamond Good For An Engagement Ring?

Choosing a 1 carat diamond for your engagement ring is a great way to show commitment without breaking the bank. The size of the diamond will be based on personal preferences and budget, but 1 carat diamonds are popular because they offer good value for money.

There are pros and cons to consider when making this decision, as well as alternative options that could provide even better value. One thing to keep in mind is that larger stones can increase exponentially in price. That is because larger diamonds are much rarer than smaller ones.

One way to save money is to opt for just under whole carats can save you hundreds of pounds while still providing a visually stunning piece of jewellery. Nobody will be able to tell the difference between a 0.8 carat and a 1.0 carat diamond by looking at it!

Additionally, some people may prefer traditional style rings with smaller diamonds or gemstones instead of one large stone. When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, the most important thing is finding something that reflects both partners' unique journey together – whatever size or shape the diamond may be!

Certified Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 1.00ct E/VS Quality in Platinum

Certified Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 1.00ct E/VS Quality in Platinum

£5,057.00 £8,707.00

A full carat of scintillating diamond, hand-crafted with loving care and securely set in luxurious platinum to produce an alluring sparkle on the hand of your beloved. Guaranteed for a lifetime of beauty and romance, this solitaire ring is a… read more

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Is A Diamond Worth Its Price?

Is a diamond worth its price - image of a diamond ring on a graph

When it comes to buying something as special as a diamond, price shouldn't be the only factor – but it's often hard to ignore! We all know that diamonds are valuable due to their durability, long-lasting beauty, and resale value. However, these days there is more to consider when determining whether or not a diamond is worth its price.

Analysing value can include looking at alternative stones such as lab-created diamonds and considering ethical considerations like mining practices. Ultimately, diamond prices fluctuate and tend to increase in value over time so choosing a high-quality diamond will make it worth more in the long term.

Next we will investigate whether £2000 is enough for an engagement ring, let's explore what kind of features you can expect from a £2000 ring.

Is £2000 enough For An Engagement Ring?

Figuring out how much to spend on an engagement ring can be tough, but £2000 can go a long way! Whether you're looking for something custom-designed or ready-made ring in modern or a vintage style, there are plenty of options available in this price range.

Here are some ways to make sure you get the most for your money when buying an engagement ring:

- Look at alternative gemstones like sapphires and rubies. They can provide stunning alternatives to diamonds while still looking luxurious.

- Consider custom designs that'll make the ring unique and special. This could include engravings or personalized settings to reflect your partner's style.

- Vintage styles offer timeless elegance without breaking the bank. You can find beautiful pre-owned rings from past decades at bargain prices - but make sure that you are getting what you paid for. For most buyers, a brand new ring is the safer, less risky option.

£2000 is certainly enough to purchase a beautiful engagement ring that fits any taste and reflects the couple's journey together! The next step is understanding what the 3-month salary rule for engagement rings means...

Exclusive Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 0.75ct G/SI 18k Yellow Gold

Exclusive Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 0.75ct G/SI 18k Yellow Gold

£1,677.00 £3,037.00

When seeking the perfect ring, Diamonds are the way to go. However, for women who want the ultimate in quality, the Halo diamond engagement ring is the perfect choice. With its unique and exclusive design, it is the perfect way… read more

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What Is The 3 Month Salary Rule For An Engagement Ring?

You may have read about the '3 month salary rule' and be wondering what all the fuss is about - let's take a closer look and find out what it really means!

The rule originated in the 1930s by De Beers as a way to increase diamond sales during The Great Depression. It suggested buyers commit one month of their salary to the purchase of a diamond engagement ring, but by the 1980s, it was upped to three months' worth of the buyer's salary.

However, this suggestion does not have to be taken quite as literally as it was in years past. Instead, setting a budget where you feel comfortable is an important step in finding your perfect ring. You can choose from alternative gemstones or stick with diamonds - either way you can personalise and customise your ring while sticking to your budget.

The real 'rule' here should always be shopping within a price range that's realistic for you and spend what you can realistically afford.

How Large Is A One Carat Diamond?

A one-carat round diamond is roughly 6.4mm wide, making it larger than a .50-carat diamond which measures around 5.2mm. However, the weight of a diamond does not always indicate size - two diamonds of equal carat weight can appear as different sizes due to their cut grade and shape.

Diamond cutting and polishing businesses prioritise maximising carat weight for profits, leading to an emphasis on carat weight that makes other aspects of the diamond look less important to buyers.

As size increases, rarity also increases, and price-per-carat increases with weight. A 1% increase in weight can mean a 15-20% jump in price-per-carat, with price jumps happening around the .50 carat, .75 carat, .90 carats, 1 carats, 1.50 carats and 2.00 marks - making under-sized diamonds just below the magic 1ct cut-off point represent better deals for money!

With this information in mind, let's explore why men get engagement rings.

Do Men Get Engagement Rings?

Are you wondering if men get engagement rings?

Yes, it's true that more and more guys are opting to wear an expression of commitment on their finger.

Here are some things to know about men and engagement rings:

- Men have many options when it comes to choosing a ring. From traditional metal bands, alternative gemstones, or even shopping together with their partner - there's no one-size-fits-all approach for men.

- Singer Ed Sheeran famously wore an engagement ring in 2018 as a symbol of his commitment, and other celebrities such as Michael Buble also opted for this choice. The change in attitude towards male engagement rings signifies the importance of equal partnerships between couples.

In addition to the options available for men, what makes an engagement ring expensive?

What Makes A Ring Expensive?

Apart from the obvious matter of the gemstone type, size and quality, there are other aspects that go into the price of an engagement ring.

While, in most rings, the cost of the gemstone will account for the majority of the cost of the ring, the design, metal type, size of the band, intricacy and quality of the workmanship all have a part to play. In intricate band, made to a high standard using a lot of platinum will cost much more than a ring with the same diamond but using a slender, simple band made in 12k white gold.

Another issue is branding. If you buy a ring from a premium brand such as Tiffany then you will pay an extra price, simply for the brand name without any reference to the materials or workmanship. And, of course, there is the retail markup. In general, online stores, such as All Diamond, offer better value pricing than high street jewellers because the physical stores have high overheads to run the shop such as store rental and staff. 

Finding the perfect ring can be expensive, but there are plenty of ways to save without sacrificing on quality. Factors that influence ring pricing include carat weight, clarity, and metal type. Going with a gemstone alternative such as rubies, sapphires, or emeralds can also save money.

It's important to consider the importance of ring care and maintenance when shopping for an engagement ring. Regular cleansing and care will help maintain the original lustre of a piece for many years to come.

Investing in an engagement ring is an important step in life, so it's wise to do research before making a purchase decision. With careful consideration and thoughtfulness, couples can find beautiful rings that suit their budget and style while still expressing their commitment to one another.

Certified Diamond Halo Oval Engagement Ring 2.50ct E/VS 18k White Gold

Certified Diamond Halo Oval Engagement Ring 2.50ct E/VS 18k White Gold

£25,397.00 £43,917.00

We know that diamonds are the most precious gems in the world. We've created this ring with E/VS quality diamonds, and a UK hallmarked platinum band. The brilliant diamonds have a total weight of 2.50 carats, set on a UK… read more

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What Stone Is Better Than A Diamond For An Engagement Ring?

a sappjire and diamond engagement ring

You deserve a ring that perfectly captures your relationship and expresses your commitment to one another. Consider gemstones as an alternative to diamonds for a stunning and unique engagement ring.

- Sapphires are super-tough and come in various colours, making them perfect for creating special settings.

- Star sapphire rings have a unique and beautiful pattern that can be intertwined with an ethical metal setting of choice.

- Topaz is versatile and comes in a wide variety of colours and cuts, giving it endless styling options.

- Spinel is often mistaken for ruby but can bring its own sparkle to the table; its beauty is unmatched by any other gemstone on earth!

- Emeralds are a great choice for those who love green tones, especially when paired with unique metals like rose gold or white gold.

- Aquamarine is tough and beautiful, coming in all sorts of sea-coloured hues that will bring out the best in any setting.

- Natural moissanite is rarer than diamonds but just as tough. Today, moissanite isn't mined from the earth, so you can feel good about choosing this alternative stone!

No matter which stone you choose, always consider ethical considerations when selecting materials for your engagement ring's setting - make sure the metals used are responsibly sourced or recycled. With each of these alternatives to diamonds offering something different, you're bound to find the perfect expression of your relationship!


We've answered all your questions about diamond engagement rings. You're now ready to shop!

From understanding carat weights and precious metals to finding the perfect match for your partner's style.

If you have a budget of around £3,500, you could purchase a one-carat solitaire diamond ring with a band made from white gold or platinum. A cluster or halo ring with a total of one carat of diamonds can be yours for less than £1400.

Remember to keep the ring clean and polished to maintain its sparkle so it can be enjoyed for years to come.

With the right knowledge and careful consideration, you can find an engagement ring that'll truly symbolise your love for each other.

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