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Asscher and Emerald Cut Diamonds: A Brief Guide

Asscher and Emerald Cut Diamonds: A Brief Guide

Andrew Wilson Andrew Wilson
11 minute read

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Quick Answer

Asscher cut diamonds are square with cropped corners, featuring a unique windmill pattern and high brilliance, reflecting Art Deco elegance. Emerald cut diamonds are rectangular with step-cut facets, known for their clarity and sophisticated "hall of mirrors" effect, dating back to the 1400s.

Asscher and emerald cut diamonds both offer distinctive features and historical significance.

Asscher cut diamonds, square with cropped corners, reflect Art Deco elegance with 57-step-cut facets in a windmill pattern. In contrast, emerald cut diamonds have a rectangular shape with 58 facets, creating a 'hall of mirrors' effect for clarity and brilliance. 

Asscher cuts captivate with scintillation and fire, while emerald cuts are known for their understated sparkle and clarity. 

Asscher cuts date back to 1902, and emerald cuts to the 1400s. Choosing between these cuts depends on personal aesthetic preferences and style. Understanding ideal ratios and clarity considerations can aid in making an informed decision.

Asscher Cut Diamond Side Stone Engagement Ring 1.80ct G/SI in Platinum

Asscher Cut Diamond Side Stone Engagement Ring 1.80ct G/SI in Platinum

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Main Highlights About Asscher and Emerald Cut Diamonds

- Asscher cuts are square with a vintage Art Deco appeal, while emerald cuts are rectangular with a classic, elegant look.

- Asscher cuts have 57 step-cut facets with a windmill pattern, creating high scintillation and a distinctive x-shaped motif.

- Emerald cuts boast 58 step-cut facets that emphasize clarity, offering an elegant hall of mirrors effect.

- Asscher cuts require higher clarity and color grades due to their open table, while emerald cuts are more forgiving but still benefit from high grades.

- Asscher cuts are typically more expensive per carat than emerald cuts, influenced by factors like cut quality and demand.

Shape and Appearance Of Asscher and Emerald Cut Diamonds Compared

Asscher cut and emerald cut diamonds exhibit distinct shapes and appearances that set them apart.

Asscher cuts are characterized by their square form with cropped corners, evoking a vintage charm reminiscent of the Art Deco era. Their symmetry and nearly equilateral dimensions (1.00 to 1.05 ratio) underscore a balanced, geometric aesthetic.

In contrast, emerald cuts feature a rectangular shape with truncated corners, enhancing their sophisticated allure. The preferred length-to-width ratio for emerald cuts (1.3 to 1.6) emphasizes their elongated and graceful appearance.

Both cuts offer unique appeals: the Asscher cut's pronounced symmetry contributes to its timeless elegance, while the emerald cut's refined silhouette enhances its classic sophistication.

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Facet Structure of Each Diamond Shape Compared

Asscher and emerald cut diamonds each exhibit distinct facet structures that significantly influence their visual appeal and optical performance.

Asscher cuts, with their square shape, feature 57 step-cut facets arranged in a unique windmill pattern, creating a captivating x-shaped motif at the center. This intricate design enhances their brilliance and sparkle.

In contrast, emerald cuts are rectangular and have 58 facets, forming a more linear and open table that produces a sophisticated hall of mirrors effect. This facet structure emphasizes broad, elegant flashes of light.

Both cuts fall under the step-cut category, known for showcasing the stone's clarity and producing a refined, luminous beauty.

Light Performance of Asscher and Emerald Cut Diamonds

Frequently admired for their unique light performance, both Asscher cut and emerald cut diamonds provide distinct visual experiences due to their specific faceting patterns. Asscher cut diamonds, with their higher crown angles and the distinctive x-shaped pattern at their center, exhibit significant scintillation and fire, creating a brilliant interplay of light. In contrast, emerald cut diamonds feature a wide-open table and step-cut facets, which emphasize clarity over sparkle. While emerald cuts possess a more subdued brilliance, they showcase a sophisticated, hall-of-mirrors effect.

Diamond Shape Light Performance Facet Pattern
Asscher High Scintillation and Fire Distinctive X-Shaped Pattern
Emerald Cut Emphasises Clarity Wide-Open Table, Step-Cut Facets

Both cuts offer a unique, elegant appeal based on their light performance and faceting characteristics, catering to different aesthetic preferences.

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Diamond Cluster Pendant Necklace 1.30ct G/SI 18k White Gold 14.0x21.0

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Historical Background

The Asscher Diamond Company, named after Joseph Asscher, first patented Asscher cut diamonds in the early 20th century. This innovative cut, known for its square shape with cropped corners, became emblematic of the geometric elegance of the Art Deco period.

On the other hand, the emerald cut has a much longer history, originating in the 1400s. Initially crafted for emeralds, this cut later adapted to diamonds and gained popularity in the 1940s.

Both the Asscher cut and the emerald cut reflect the aesthetic sensibilities of their respective eras, offering distinct styles that have captivated jewelry enthusiasts for generations. Understanding their historical context enhances appreciation for these timeless cuts.

Popularity and Trends

In recent years, both Asscher and emerald cut diamonds have seen a notable resurgence in popularity, thanks to their unique vintage appeal and elegant, sophisticated styles. This renewed interest stems from their distinctive charm and timeless beauty, making them highly sought-after choices for engagement rings. Asscher cut diamonds, with their geometric Art Deco design, and emerald cut diamonds, known for their elongating effect on the finger, both resonate strongly with modern consumers.

Diamond Cut

Vintage Appeal Modern Trends
Asscher Cut High Increasingly Popular
Emerald Cut Classic Constantly in Demand
Both Timeless Beauty Resurgence in Popularity

These trends reflect a broader movement towards sophisticated and elegant jewellery styles.

Price Comparison Between Asscher and Emerald Cut Diamonds

When comparing the cost of Asscher cut diamonds to emerald cut diamonds, Asscher cuts tend to be more expensive per carat. This price discrepancy arises from several factors, primarily the intricate faceting and the current higher demand for Asscher cuts. The unique geometric design and higher crown angles of Asscher cuts contribute to their higher price point.

Several factors impact the price comparison between these two cuts:

1. Cut Quality: Asscher cuts require more precision, which drives up their cost.

2. Demand: Higher demand for Asscher cuts influences their market price.

3. Carat Weight: Larger Asscher cuts are rarer and therefore more expensive per carat compared to emerald cuts.

When making a choice, consider these factors alongside your budget and stylistic preferences.

Asscher Cut Diamond Side Stone Engagement Ring 1.30ct E/VS in 18k Yellow Gold

Asscher Cut Diamond Side Stone Engagement Ring 1.30ct E/VS in 18k Yellow Gold

£5,067.00 £9,127.00

Incorporating the radiant gleam of 18k yellow gold, this engagement ring showcases an enchanting Asscher cut diamond. The side diamonds, boasting an E colour and VS clarity, contribute to its overall diamond weight of 1.30ct. A harmonious blend of luxury… read more

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Clarity Considerations

Clarity is particularly crucial for Asscher cut diamonds due to their large, open tables that can easily reveal inclusions. The step-cut facets and transparent nature of Asscher cuts make any visible inclusions more pronounced, necessitating higher clarity grades such as VS1 or VS2 to maintain an impeccable appearance.

While some Asscher cut diamonds with an SI1 clarity grade may still appear clean to the naked eye, these instances are rare and require careful evaluation.

Conversely, clarity is also significant for emerald cut diamonds, but their elongated form can sometimes be more forgiving with inclusions. Ultimately, clarity grading is essential in enhancing the overall brilliance and elegance of both Asscher and emerald cut diamonds.

Colour Differences Between Emerald and Asscher Cut Diamonds

Due to their distinct facet structures, Asscher and emerald cut diamonds exhibit colour differently, necessitating careful evaluation of colour grades to guarantee the best appearance. Asscher cut diamonds, with their depth and step-cut facets, tend to show more colour, requiring higher colour grades to maintain a cleaner look.

Conversely, emerald cut diamonds also retain colour but need higher colour grades to secure clarity and brilliance. Here are key points to keep in mind:

1. Asscher Cut: Shows more colour, necessitating higher colour grades.

2. Emerald Cut: Retains colour but still needs careful selection of colour grades.

3. General Recommendation: Both cuts benefit from higher colour grades to mask body colour and heighten beauty.

Selecting the appropriate colour grade is crucial for showcasing each cut's unique allure.

Ideal Ratios

Understanding the ideal ratios for Asscher and emerald cut diamonds is crucial for maximizing their visual appeal and aligning with individual style preferences.

For emerald cut diamonds, the optimal length-to-width ratio ranges from 1.3:1 to 1.6:1, with 1.4:1 being particularly desirable for its balanced proportions, enhancing the elongated and sophisticated look characteristic of emerald cuts.

In contrast, Asscher cut diamonds excel with a square shape, having an ideal length-to-width ratio between 1:1 and 1:1.05 to ensure a harmonious and symmetrical appearance.

The precise ratio selection significantly influences the diamond's aesthetics, contributing to its allure and elegance. Therefore, understanding these ideal ratios assists in making an informed and stylish choice.

Carat Weight Impact on Visual Size of Asscher and Emerald Cut Diamonds

The carat weight of Asscher and emerald cut diamonds significantly influences their visual size, due to differences in weight distribution between the two cuts.

Asscher cuts, with their square shape and deep pavilion, tend to concentrate weight at the bottom, resulting in a reduced perceived surface area.

In contrast, the elongated shape of emerald cuts allows for a more even weight distribution, making them appear larger.

Understanding these nuances can help you make an informed choice:

1. Asscher Cut: The weight is concentrated at the bottom, making the diamond appear smaller.

2. Emerald Cut: The elongated shape distributes weight more evenly, making the diamond appear larger.

3. Carat Weight Consideration: This factor affects the perceived size difference between Asscher and emerald cuts.

Diamond Cluster Pendant Necklace 0.65ct G/SI 18k White Gold 12.0x19.0

Diamond Cluster Pendant Necklace 0.65ct G/SI 18k White Gold 12.0x19.0

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Buying Options For Asscher and Emerald Cut Diamonds

When you're considering the impact of carat weight on the visual size of Asscher and emerald cut diamonds, exploring natural options can offer significant advantages. Natural diamonds possess unique physical and chemical properties that contribute to their value and authenticity.

Online retailers offer a wide selection of natural Asscher and emerald cut diamonds, giving discerning buyers a range of choices. The inherent value of natural diamonds allows for appreciating assets, enabling you to choose a higher carat weight or better clarity within your budget.

Opting for natural diamonds ensures both elegance and lasting value, making them a timeless choice for modern buyers.

Buying Tip

When purchasing Asscher or emerald cut diamonds, it is crucial to evaluate the length-to-width ratio to ensure the shape aligns with your aesthetic preferences. For Asscher cuts, consider a ratio of 1:1 to 1:1.05, while emerald cuts typically look best with ratios ranging from 1.3:1 to 1.6:1.

To make an informed choice, follow these key guidelines:

1. Cut Quality: Opt for well-cut stones to maximize brilliance and light performance.

2. Depth Percentage: For Asscher cuts, a depth percentage of 62-69% provides the best visual size.

3. Colour Grade: Choose higher colour grades for both cuts to enhance clarity and minimize any visible body colour.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Difference Between Asscher and Emerald Cut Diamonds?

The charm of Asscher cut diamonds lies in their square shape and Art Deco elegance, whereas the classic appeal of emerald cut diamonds is evident in their rectangular form and unique step-cut facets, each offering a distinct type of brilliance and attraction.

Why Choose an Asscher Cut Diamond?

Opt for an Asscher cut diamond if you are drawn to its distinctive windmill pattern and the sophistication of Art Deco design. With 57 facets and higher crown angles, this cut offers a refined, geometric precision that appeals to those who appreciate vintage charm and elegance.

What Cut Diamond Holds Its Value the Best?

The Asscher cut diamond retains its value exceptionally well because of its distinctive faceting and rarity. Its classic style and consistent market demand also make it a reliable investment, outperforming the more commonly available emerald cut.

Why Is Asscher Cut More Expensive?

Asscher cut diamonds tend to be more expensive due to their complex cutting process, which demands skilled craftsmanship and precise facet alignment. The high demand for quality Asscher cuts, along with their rarity and historical significance, also contributes to their premium pricing.

All Diamond Loves Asscher and Emerald Cut Diamonds!

Ultimately, the choice between Asscher cut and emerald cut diamonds is a dance of elegance and personal preference. Asscher cuts, with their geometric allure and historical resonance, juxtapose the elongated, sleek brilliance of emerald cuts.

Each offers a distinct aesthetic charm, inviting connoisseurs to revel in their unique light performance and timeless appeal. Ultimately, the decision rests upon the desired interplay of shape, sophistication, and the subtle nuances of individual style.

Ready to find the ideal diamond in the perfect piece of jewellery? Explore our exclusive collection today and let your journey to timeless elegance begin! You can find emerald cut diamond necklaces, emerald cut engagement rings and Asscher cut engagement rings and and all our other types of diamond jewellery to suit your taste and budget.

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