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What Are the Most Sparkling Diamonds

What Are the Most Sparkling Diamonds

Carol Woolley Carol Woolley
14 minute read

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Quick Answer

The most sparkling diamonds are those with the best cuts, such as the round brilliant cut. This cut maximizes the diamond's ability to reflect light, making it appear more brilliant and sparkly.

When it comes to the most sparkling diamonds, the Round Brilliant Cut remains unrivaled due to its precise facet alignment and exceptional light performance.

The Princess Cut, known for its sharp edges and superior light reflection, also offers remarkable scintillation.

Radiant Cuts, characterised by their faceted pavilions and cut corners, enhance both sparkle and durability.

Cushion Cuts blend traditional elegance with contemporary brilliance.

The setting significantly impacts a diamond's sparkle; prong settings and white metals like platinum optimise light entry and reflection.

Understanding how proportions and other factors influence a diamond's brilliance is crucial for making an informed choice.

Main Highlights About Sparkling Diamonds

             Round Brilliant Cut: Offers the best sparkle with precise facets.

             Princess Cut: Reflects light well with sharp edges.

             Radiant Cut: Enhances sparkle with a faceted pavilion and cut corners.

             Proportions: Ideal table and depth percentages boost brilliance.

             Prong Settings: Lift diamonds to let in light, enhancing sparkle.

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The Impact of Diamond Shape on Brilliance and Sparkle

A diamond's brilliance and sparkle are key factors that significantly enhance its visual appeal and value. These characteristics depend heavily on how the diamond interacts with light.

Specifically, the shape of the diamond plays a crucial role in its ability to refract and reflect light effectively. Brilliant-cut diamonds, known for their many small triangular facets, are renowned for this property. Shapes like round brilliant, princess, radiant, oval, pear, and heart exemplify this cut. These facets allow light to bounce within the diamond, enhancing its sparkle and creating captivating reflections.

Among these shapes, the round brilliant cut is unrivalled in maximising brilliance and sparkle. This ensures it offers a visually stunning allure, ideal for those seeking elegance and perfection in their jewellery.

What is the Cut Grade of a Diamond?

Understanding the cut grade of a diamond is essential for appreciating its brilliance and overall visual appeal. How a diamond is cut significantly influences how it interacts with light, which impacts its sparkle and radiance. The assessment of the cut grade depends on critical factors such as proportions, symmetry, and polish.

Proportions: These ensure the diamond optimally refracts light, maximising its brilliance.

Symmetry: This ensures an even light distribution, contributing to the diamond's balanced appearance.

Polish: A fine polish reduces surface imperfections, allowing light to pass through the diamond more effectively.

Organisations like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) use a standardised grading scale to classify diamonds from Excellent to Poor. An Excellent cut grade indicates a diamond that has been expertly crafted to optimise light performance, resulting in exceptional sparkle and brilliance.

Paying attention to the cut grade when selecting a diamond ensures that you choose one that showcases beauty and radiance.

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How Does Clarity Affect a Diamond's Sparkle?

While clarity may not be as influential as cut grade, it still significantly affects a diamond's overall sparkle. The presence of internal inclusions and external blemishes, which can obstruct light as it passes through the diamond, determines its clarity.

A diamond with a higher clarity grade has fewer imperfections, allowing for better light performance and hence, more sparkle.

Diamonds with a clarity rating of SI2 or higher typically appear flawless to the naked eye, maintaining their brilliance without compromising their natural beauty. If you aim for maximum sparkle, selecting a diamond with minimal visible inclusions will ensure light reflects and refracts efficiently, enhancing its fire and scintillation.

Balancing clarity and cut is essential to achieve exceptional brilliance. Investing in a diamond with good clarity will improve its sparkle and preserve its value over time.

Why is Diamond Colour Important for Sparkle?

When assessing a diamond's sparkle, the colour significantly affects its brilliance and visual appeal. The colour of a diamond directly influences its fire and scintillation, which contribute to a lively appearance.

Research shows that diamonds lower on the D-to-Z colour scale have reduced brightness, adversely affecting their overall sparkle. As the colour grade decreases, the diamond's brilliance also diminishes. Therefore, choosing a diamond with a high colour grade is crucial for achieving maximum sparkle.

Colour Grade


Impact on Sparkle



Maximum brilliance


Near Colourless

High sparkle


Faint Yellow

Noticeable dullness


Very Light Yellow

Significant dullness

Selecting a diamond with an ideal colour grade ensures you get the most out of its sparkle, enhances its beauty and makes it a worthwhile investment.

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Which Diamond Shapes Offer the Most Sparkle?

When considering which diamond shapes offer the most sparkle, the first shapes to look at are the Round Brilliant Cut, Princess Cut, Radiant Cut, and Cushion Cut.

These shapes are renowned for optimising scintillation through their unique facet arrangements.

Each cut has distinct characteristics contributing to its brilliance, making them highly sought after for their exceptional light performance.

The Best of the Best: Round Brilliant Cut

Renowned for its exceptional brilliance, the round brilliant cut diamond is considered the brightest and most popular choice among gemstone enthusiasts. This cut, featuring 57 or 58 carefully angled facets, is designed to maximise light reflection and scintillation. If you are after the best in sparkling diamonds, the round brilliant cut should be at the top of your list.

Trends in gemstone cutting consistently highlight the round brilliant cut as the pinnacle of diamond elegance, a status achieved through centuries of refined craftsmanship.

             Brilliant facets: Strategically angled to enhance light return.

             Scintillation optimisation: Achieved through precise facet alignment.

             Consistent popularity: Continues to hold its top-tier status.

             Historical development: Perfected from the 1700s using advanced tools.

This timeless cut remains a symbol of brilliance and sophistication, representing a community of connoisseurs who appreciate impeccable sparkle.

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Double Row Heart Round 2.00ct Diamond Pendant in 18K White Gold

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The Allure of the Princess Cut Diamond

The princess cut diamond is known for its sharp, square edges and brilliant faceting. It is highly regarded for its exceptional light reflection and refraction. Its intricate facets and optimal depth contribute to a sparkle that makes it a favourite for those seeking brilliance at a more accessible price.

The quality of the cut is crucial; the precision of the facets plays a significant role in the diamond's light performance. Ideal proportions, with a table and depth ranging from 66-75%, are recommended to maximise sparkle.

Regarding cost, a princess cut diamond can offer considerable savings, often 20-25% less than a round brilliant cut, providing both beauty and value. This affordability makes it a popular choice among discerning buyers seeking sparkling diamonds.

The Sparkle of Radiant Cut Diamonds

While the princess cut remains popular, the radiant cut is another diamond cut known for its impressive sparkle. This cut is an excellent option for those who value brilliance and radiance. The radiant cut uniquely merges the rectangular sophistication of the emerald shape with the dazzling facets of a round brilliant cut.

When comparing radiant cut diamonds to round cut diamonds, several factors make the radiant cut shine:

             Faceted Pavilion: Enhances light reflection.

             Cut Corners: Increases durability and adds to the visual charm.

             Ideal Proportions: Depth should be between 61-67%, and the table should be between 61-69%.

             Versatile Shapes: Available in both square and rectangular forms.

The radiant cut offers a unique combination of geometry and sparkle that appeals to those looking for a diamond with brilliance and distinctiveness.

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Understanding Cushion-Cut Diamond Sparkle

Cushion-cut diamonds, with their rounded square shape, offer a unique blend of traditional elegance and contemporary sparkle. This shape, combining elements of round and princess cuts, is notable for its distinctive light performance. Cushion cuts are available in two main styles: chunky and crushed ice.

Chunky vs. Crushed Ice Styles

Chunky cushion cuts feature larger facets, allowing for a bold and pronounced light display. On the other hand, crushed ice cushion cuts have smaller facets, which create a more glittery and scintillating effect. Each style offers a different visual experience, catering to varied tastes.

The Role of Proportions

The proportions of cushion-cut diamonds have a big impact on their brilliance. Ideally, a table and depth percentage between 61-67% enhance the brilliance of these sparkling diamonds. These proportions work together to maximize the light performance within the cushion shape, making it a popular choice for those seeking a balance of affordability and dazzling appeal.

Why Choose a Cushion-Cut Diamond?

Cushion-cut diamonds are an excellent choice for those who appreciate a mix of vintage charm and modern brilliance. Their unique facet arrangement and shape make them stand out. At the same time, their proportions ensure a sparkling display that can rival other cuts. Whether you prefer the boldness of chunky facets or the glittery allure of crushed ice, cushion cuts offer a versatile and captivating option for diamond jewellery.

Exploring Diamond Shapes: Beyond the Cushion Cut

While the cushion-cut diamond remains a favourite for its enchanting sparkle, other diamond shapes can also boast great brilliance and distinctive visual appeal.

Asscher vs. Emerald: The Asscher cut features X-shaped facets that create a captivating windmill effect, whereas the Emerald cut, with its large staggered facets, offers a sophisticated hall-of-mirrors look. Both cuts provide a unique charm, but the choice hinges on personal preference for either the Asscher's intricate patterns or the Emerald's sleek elegance.

Heart vs. Marquise: Heart-shaped diamonds shine brightly when viewed from the right angles for those seeking a romantic touch. In contrast, marquise diamonds, with their elongated form, deliver a striking, larger-than-life appearance. The decision here comes down to whether you prefer the romantic symbolism of the heart shape or the dramatic size of the marquise.

Pear vs. Oval: With its contemporary teardrop form, the pear-shaped diamond offers a blend of traditional and modern aesthetics. On the other hand, the oval diamond provides an elongated brilliance that also has a slimming effect on the finger. This makes the oval shape versatile, combining elegance with a flattering appearance.

These varied shapes cater to diverse tastes, ensuring a diamond cut matches every individual's style and preference.

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How Does the Setting Influence a Diamond's Sparkle?

The setting of a diamond plays a pivotal role in its overall brilliance. Designs such as prong and bezel settings notably impact the amount of light that can penetrate and reflect through the sparkling diamonds.

Prong settings raise the diamond, allowing maximum light entry and enhancing its sparkle. Conversely, bezel settings encase the diamond in metal, offering more security but potentially reducing the stone's exposure to light and decreasing its radiance.

How Different Settings Affect The Amount of Light Entering the Diamond

Understanding how various settings influence the light entering a diamond is key to maximising its sparkle. Different settings create distinct visual effects and impact how light interacts with the gem, revealing its true brilliance.

             Prong Height: Taller claws elevate the diamond, allowing more light to enter from various angles.

             Metal Type: Reflective metals such as platinum can intensify a diamond's sparkle, while darker metals might absorb light.

             Open Settings: These designs expose more of the diamond, increasing light entry and enhancing brilliance.

             Bezel Settings: This encircling metal can protect the diamond but may limit light entry, affecting its sparkle.

Choose a Setting to Enhance Sparkle

Choosing the right setting to make a diamond truly shine is vital as it affects how the stone interacts with light. The type of metal used is especially important; white metals like platinum and white gold are excellent at reflecting light, which enhances the diamond's sparkle.

Adding gemstone accents can complement or detract from the main diamond, so finding a good balance is important. The height of the setting also plays a significant role; a higher setting allows more light to enter and reflect within the diamond, boosting its brilliance.

Prong settings using minimal metal are fantastic for showcasing a diamond's fire and brilliance. Choosing a setting that works well with the diamond's unique attributes ensures its radiance is maintained and maximised, resulting in a timeless piece of jewellery.

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The All Diamond Way to Sparkling Diamonds

Achieving the maximum sparkle in a diamond involves careful consideration of its shape along with key factors such as cut, clarity, colour, and setting. These elements are crucial as they determine how light interacts with the diamond, enhancing its overall brilliance.

A thorough evaluation of these aspects can guide you in selecting the most radiant gem.

             Cut: Precision in cutting optimises light reflection.

             Clarity: Fewer inclusions result in greater brilliance.

             Colour: Near-colourless diamonds reflect more light.

             Setting: The right setting can significantly boost the diamond's sparkle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Fluorescence Impact a Diamond's Sparkle?

Fluorescence can impact a diamond's sparkle when exposed to UV light. Strong fluorescence may enhance the diamond's brilliance, especially in blue diamonds, creating a distinctive and attractive effect for discerning collectors.

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds as Sparkly as Natural Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds can be just as dazzling as natural diamonds if their cut quality, light performance, and colour grading are comparable. Both types can achieve high brilliance, appealing to discerning diamond enthusiasts.

Can Diamond Treatments Enhance Sparkle?

Yes, diamond treatments can enhance sparkle. Clarity improvements and coating treatments increase brilliance, while laser inscriptions verify authenticity. These methods appeal to discerning diamond enthusiasts who seek sparkling diamonds above all else.

What Is the Role of Carat Weight in a Diamond's Sparkle?

While carat weight is significant, the cut's quality, symmetry's precision, and light performance determine how we perceive sparkling diamonds. These factors ensure that a diamond sparkles and captivates, meeting the high standards of our exclusive and discerning community.

Do Certain Diamond Origins Affect Sparkle Quality?

The origin of a diamond can influence its sparkle quality due to differences in crystal structure and impurities. Specific mining locations are renowned for producing diamonds with superior brilliance, enhancing those gemstones' desirability and prestige.

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